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Demand Planner

Sydney CBD, NSW

Eucalyptus is looking for an experienced Demand Planner to join our growing planning team. To be successful at this role you’ll possess incredible analytical, communication and problem solving skills. You’ll be a key member of the business unit, relied on to gather forecasting data from our 5 (and growing) brands. You’ll need to work closely with the brand leads to anticipate spikes in demand, and build a feedback loop to sense-check their future forecasts. We’re experiencing explosive growth, so relying on past data just won’t cut it!

Job description

Eucalyptus' mission is to deliver higher-touch, higher-quality healthcare. We do this by launching and running consumer healthcare brands built on a shared technology platform and supply chain. This infrastructure needs to be able to scale up fast and maintain the flexibility to serve a diverse set of current and future brands.

Our supply chain team overlooks products from the point of inception, all the way to our customer's homes. As we continue to deliver higher touch, higher quality healthcare, we're expecting the number of packages delivered to households across Australia (and the world) to double in the next 6-12 months. Supply Chain team is responsible for ensuring we never run out of stock for our patients, whilst managing how and where our stock is being held. The team works closely with a number of business units including Fulfilment, Finance and Brand Leads to achieve their goals

Working in the Planning team, you’ll be responsible for running the Demand planning process. Communication will be key to your success in the role as you’ll be gathering information from a variety of stakeholders with different backgrounds and levels of knowledge of the planning process. Equally will be your ability to tactfully measure forecasting accuracies based on marketing events etc.

As Euc's first dedicated Demand Planner, you'll have two main goals.

First, you’ll be the key contact in the team for all things forecasting. You’ll work closely with the planning, growth and marketing teams to continuously improve and refine the forecasting process, whilst reacting to changes in markets, products and brands.

Second, you'll ensure that communication between all stakeholders is consistent and accessible. You’ll ensure you have the correct cadences set up for interactions between all parties to ensure optimal results. You’ll adjust language and complexity of communication based on each stakeholder to convey and extract optimal information to each party.

This role is perfect for an experienced Planning professional with a keen eye for detail and exceptional communication skills. As the second member of the planning team, this is the perfect launch pad to more senior roles in Euc's global planning team.

The role reports to the Planning Lead in the Operations Team.

Key responsibilities

  • S&OP change management and continuous improvement to achieve the S&OP vision, objectives and desired benefits
  • Key reference point for the entire Business Unit
  • Process Owner for Forecast Accuracy KPI to ensure definition and measurement is fully embedded in each country and support analysis & reporting.
  • Carry out assessment and coordinate Demand planning changes resulting from new brand creations/ integrations of new key customer/ distributors or changes in supply network
  • Responsible for updating S&OP process & training documentation relating to country specific requirements and sharing across the countries
  • Additionally you’ll own the following:
    • Planning Calendar
    • Forecast Generations & Enrichment
    • Forecast Review & Tracking
    • FP&A Contribution

About you

  • Technically Savvy - You’re equally able to build a forecast in excel, or use an ERP to do it for you
  • Objective - you seek truth through data and use the best evidence to make decisions
  • Proactive communicator  - your words create clarity and momentum; you build inter-team relationships through clarity and empathy
  • Transparent - you challenge respectfully, share insights freely and own your mistakes
  • Meticulous - Getting things right is important
  • Reliable - ****you’ll have big goals and lots of autonomy; we need to know you can handle it
  • Skilled communicator - your thinking and messaging is crystal clear
  • People person - you build build inter-team relationships through clarity and empathy
  • A high achiever - you’ve probably been top of you class; this is the place to test yourself


    Experience required

    You are the right candidate for this role if you:

    • Passionate about startups, healthcare, or both
    • Minimum 5 years of proven Demand / Supply Chain Planning experience in a similar role in consumer goods.
    • Experience of working with Demand Planning systems in a defined planning cycle
    • Experience of introducing/working with supply chain solutions, software and systems is beneficial.

    Why join Eucalyptus?

    We’ve grown from 0 to 200,000 patients

    We’ve grown from 0 to 5 brands

    We’ve grown from 4 to 200 people

    All in just 3 years!

    We are building the future of accessible, patient-centric healthcare right here in Australia and we want you to be part of this generational story!

    We are backed by some of the best VCs in the world and Blackbird, who invested in us, put us among the fastest-growing companies they have ever funded.

    What do we do, exactly?

    Our mission is to build the future of healthcare, and help people live longer, healthier lives.

    We have built a bespoke technology platform to deliver healthcare to Australians with a level of care and depth that brings healthcare into the internet age and we are just getting started.

    We work with doctors, specialists, pharmacists, and medical professionals from all over the country, and our brands (Pilot, Kin, Software, Normal, and Juniper) speak to different people at different stages of their life and needs. For example, our most recent brand, Juniper, is changing the conversation around menopause.

    How do we work?

    Things move quickly here.

    We like to set goals with the mindset that if we hit them all we haven’t challenged ourselves enough. You’ll be surrounded by a world-class team of thinkers, designers, engineers and leaders who are obsessed with three things:

    1. The health and wellbeing of the average person
    2. Creating personalised, engaging, convenient user-experiences
    3. Making healthcare fun and interesting (because it is)

    We are experienced business builders, our roots and talent run deep in the DTC and technology space. We believe too many chefs spoil the broth and people are given the freedom to make decisions (and mistakes), and learn from the journey. Ultimately, we believe ideas are cheap and great execution is more important than anything.

    Why you'll thrive here

    Here are the highlights:

    • Come and experience the growth at one of the fastest growing startups (LinkedIn #5 fastest growing startups in Australia) while we are still small (~200 people).
    • Push yourself with challenges that are world-first, unique and exhilarating.
    • See the meaningful impact of your work on over tens of thousands of actual users (check out the customers that love us!)
    • Learn from some of Australia’s best marketers, engineers, creatives, operations specialists, and medical professionals - joining a diverse team from Atlassian, Canva, Google, Koala, McKinsey, Bain, BuzzFeed, Optiver, Halter and many many more.
    • A share in the company (equity), so you are rewarded for your best work.
    • And also it goes without saying: flexible location work arrangements, WFH allowances, parental leave, gym benefits, employee discounts, social clubs sponsorships, uncapped learning and development budgets for all of our staff.
    • Life is too short to not be curious

    Want to help us build the future of healthcare?

    Because we’re going to need all the help we can get.

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