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What makes a clinical career unique at Eucalyptus?

Since 2019, we’ve helped more than one million patients on their healthcare journeys, worldwide. This has been possible thanks to the hardworking and dedicated healthcare professionals we have working at Eucalyptus, from doctors to nurse practitioners, pharmacists, registered nurses and dietitians. 

But what exactly makes Eucalyptus a unique place to work as a health practitioner? 

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Creating scalable impact 

As a leader in the digital health space, it’s one of our goals to empower practitioners with technology. We’ve built a bespoke telehealth platform that allows our practitioners to deliver high-touch, high-quality healthcare, enabling close patient support, engagement and compliance. 

Our practitioners work to solve some of the biggest problems in healthcare that patients all over the world are facing, including obesity, diabetes, reproductive and sexual health. Thanks to our telehealth model, our practitioners can make a difference at a much larger scale compared to traditional care settings. Seamless workflow management allows our practitioners to focus on supporting patients, burdened by less admin work. The user-friendly interface allows our patients to easily seek the help that they need, our practitioners to manage their consults and pharmacies to fulfil their prescriptions — streamlining the telehealth experience for all.

The social and economic value of telehealth

According to the Australian Medical Association (AMA), in 2021-22, telehealth saved patients approximately $1.35 billion, just by reducing their travel. Our holistic care model provides significant value to patients in its convenience. As all patient interactions are held within an integrated system, practitioners can maintain a high standard of care continuity far more easily than traditional care models. Additionally, the management of various health practitioners and consultations would usually be a significant time and travel commitment for patients, however, our telehealth platform creates a unified experience where they can access multidisciplinary care. Furthermore, close to 30% of our patients reside in regional or rural areas of Australia. Our digital clinics provide a platform for healthcare education, leading to better health literacy across diverse demographics, thereby reducing health inequality.

Since Eucalyptus was founded in 2019, we’ve facilitated over 850,000 practitioner consultations in Australia. Currently, Medicare doesn’t offer rebates for online consultations. This means in just four and a half years, we’ve saved Medicare over $40 million. 

Changing the future of healthcare

With such large ambitions of making healthcare accessible, convenient and safe for all, what does life as a practitioner at Eucalyptus actually look like day-to-day? 

While no two days at Euc are likely to look the same, a clinical role may combine the following: 

  • Collaborating with our clinical operations team on clinical protocols, outcomes and safety metrics.
  • Delivering a holistic approach to healthcare, with a focus on collaboration with allied health professionals. 
  • Assisting our product designers, engineers and clinicians to create best-in-class telehealth experiences for our patients. 

Our approach to healthcare starts with deep, meaningful patient relationships. As we commonly treat stigmatised and often chronic conditions, it’s imperative our practitioners are equipped with the tools they need to meaningfully and empathetically engage with patients. All practitioners regularly receive feedback from our clinical auditing team with suggestions to improve their clinical practice. 

Practitioners are also able to utilise our bespoke telehealth platform and digital support services to gain valuable insights into their patient’s health journey. 

From one single platform, practitioners can call patients directly, and request patient photos and pathology. This practitioner-patient relationship is carried out against a backdrop of cross-functional collaboration. All Eucalyptus practitioners work alongside health coaches, nutritionists and dietitians to support our patients, allowing us to provide a multidisciplinary and comprehensive care experience. Practitioners can enjoy the autonomy to work at the top of their scope, supported by our wider clinical team through feedback and improvement processes, delivering elevated levels of support and patient care. 

All practitioners at Eucalyptus play an important role in the design, build, function and improvement of best-in-class digital health technologies, achieving impressive patient outcomes in the process. As Euc was founded on the principles of improving health literacy and access to quality care, our team is extremely passionate about delivering patient-centred experiences. 

A flexible approach 

There’s a lot to gain from working outside of a traditional clinic setting. Enjoy hybrid work options, shift flexibility and access to our large peer-to-peer practitioner network for support and guidance, fostering a culture of collaboration between practitioners. 

Close to 90% of Nurse Practitioners would recommend Eucalyptus as a great place to work, with 100% feeling aligned with the mission and values of Euc. [Eucalyptus Practitioner Engagement Survey data, 2023]

“Eucalyptus truly values its employees and fosters a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous learning. Eucalyptus is at the forefront of innovation, and being part of a team that is constantly pushing boundaries and embracing new ideas is both inspiring and invigorating. The collaborative spirit and shared passion for excellence make every day at Eucalyptus a rewarding experience. Eucalyptus is not just a workplace; it's a community that fosters growth, creativity, innovation and success." –– Jarrod Hunter, Nurse Practitioner with Eucalyptus

Career progression pathways to explore 

At Eucalyptus, practitioners can continue evolving within their clinical career. We provide the opportunity to expand medical communication skills, with the potential of becoming a front-facing medical expert for our digital healthcare clinics and gaining media experience. There is also the potential to pivot a clinical career into management, governance or something entirely different in the digital health space. We offer all employees opportunities for professional development at Euc and encourage a culture of upskilling. We offer access to regular education sessions and external training courses. 

Shaping the future of healthcare — it’s all in a day's work at Eucalyptus. Get in touch with us about our clinical career opportunities if you’re keen to use your clinical skills in a novel way and help change the future of healthcare. 

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Juliet Caspersonn
Clinical Engagement