Compound: performance optimisation, built for men who want more from their health

Introducing Compound, where preventative health meets performance optimisation.
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Eucalyptus is excited to announce the launch of Compound, the newest venture joining our portfolio of digital healthcare clinics.

Compound aims to build the future of healthcare, today. By providing an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach to health optimisation and preventative care, Compound is helping men unlock barriers to everyday performance, from comprehensive diagnostics to holistic habits. In this article, learn more about why Eucalyptus is stepping further into the preventative health space and why Compound’s offerings focus on empowering men to achieve more with great health. 

Why preventative health?

In the age of Andrew Huberman, Peter Attia, Joe Rogan, and Ben Greenfield the terms ‘biohacking’, ‘preventative health’ and ‘longevity’ are often used as buzzwords in the mainstream media. But what’s the significance behind them?

Heart disease, fatty liver disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer lead the charge in being the most deadly diseases facing humankind, many of which share common lifestyle risk factors

Preventative health is a proactive approach to health that focuses on preventing illnesses rather than merely treating existing conditions. It involves integrating diagnostics, treatments, performance programming, and support with the goal of preventing chronic illness later in life. However, it shouldn’t stop there. The goal should be to feel better today and achieve more tomorrow. As preventative healthcare measures become more mainstream, Compound recognises the growing importance of optimising health, not just avoiding illness, by providing comprehensive solutions that go beyond traditional, reactive healthcare models.

Why men?

As modern men face increasing pressures in their careers, homes, and health, Compound is positioned as an integrated and personalised healthcare solution. Men, while not unique in experiencing stress, are statistically less likely to seek help, both for mental and physical health concerns. There is a dire need to address the gap in life expectancy of men and the failings in men’s healthcare that have led to the overrepresentation of cardiometabolic diseases, cancer, mental illness and many more health statistics.

  • Heart disease is up to two times more prevalent in men [Source]  
  • Obesity and type 2 diabetes are also more prevalent in men [Source]
  • Cancer incidence rates are 35% higher in men than women, with 50% higher mortality rates [Source
  • Suicide rates are three times higher in men [Source
  • Overall life expectancy is shorter for men [Source

Despite these risks, men seek less help, visit doctors less frequently, and often delay seeking medical attention until the later stages of illness. By narrowing its focus to men's health, the Compound clinic aims to bridge this gap, offering a style of healthcare that understands the unique needs, lifestyle, and potential of contemporary men, empowering them to take control of their health and performance.

What does Compound offer?

Compound’s offerings are rooted in a philosophy that encourages a growth mindset and embraces difficulty as a catalyst for positive change. Members of Compound enjoy an integrated experience that blends diagnostics with clinical care, structured programming and coaching to sustain optimal health long-term. All members receive bloodwork and DEXA scans, along with personalised treatment plans that integrate programming with coaching and supplementation with medication (as appropriate). This high-level performance programming ensures a holistic approach to health optimisation, while ongoing support in the form of coaching and accountability fosters a sustainable, long-term commitment to health.

What’s included?

🧪 Comprehensive health diagnostics

💊 Integrated medication and supplementation stack

📈 Performance optimisation programming from exercise to mindset

🏋️‍♀️ Intensive coaching to overcome barriers to better health

This suite of offerings is designed to not only ensure men get the most out of their health but also to set them up for success from day one. With an integrated platform, Compound acts as an all-in-one health concierge service, providing a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to achieving their health goals. By choosing Compound, men are not only choosing a clinic but a comprehensive lifestyle approach that empowers them to achieve their greater potential in every aspect of life.

Eucalyptus' decision to launch Compound stems from the recognition of the urgent need for a preventative health solution tailored for men. With a commitment to openness, progress, and a unique philosophy, Compound is poised to revolutionise men's healthcare, addressing the specific challenges men face in their pursuit of overall health, performance and longevity.

As Eucalyptus continues to build and share its progress openly, the launch of Compound promises a new era in preventative health for men. There is limited capacity for a select few early members to become a cornerstone part of our community and experience our comprehensive concierge care offering. If you’re interested in working with the Compound clinic, have a growth mindset and want more from your health, then join our waitlist newsletter through our pre-launch landing page:


Dan Cable
Compound Program Lead