Have you got questions for us? Here you’ll find out more about who we are and what we do.
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About Eucalyptus

What does Eucalyptus do?

Eucalyptus runs a trusted group of digital clinics – Pilot (men’s health), Kin (Fertility), Software (dermatology), Juniper (weight loss) and Compound (men’s performance and longevity) – that connect patients with practitioners and pharmacists via telehealth. We also build technology that provides holistic and ongoing support to our patients.

Who founded Eucalyptus?

In 2019, Tim Doyle, Charlie Gearside, Benny Kleist and Alexey Mitko joined forces to create Eucalyptus, a digital healthcare startup connecting patients directly with practitioners and pharmacists.

Motivated to build a better future for healthcare, they set out to improve the outdated, inefficient systems entrenched within the healthcare system.

Since then, they’ve been joined by 400 staff globally, spanning disciplines in healthcare, engineering, logistics, design and marketing to change the healthcare system for the better.

What problem does Eucalyptus solve?

We’re working to build the future of the healthcare system, with a focus on patient-centred preventative care. We leverage technology to overcome the hurdles of the traditional healthcare system.

What does Euc/Eucalyptus.vc mean?

Euc is an abbreviation of Eucalyptus and .vc is simply our website suffix. It stands for ‘venture capital’ and acts as an homage to our days as a small startup.

Is Eucalyptus a venture capital fund?

No, we are a digital healthcare company. However, we are backed by Australia’s leading venture capital firms.

Patient safety and  clinical governance

How does Eucalyptus keep its patients safe?

We have a robust safety audit function and incident management processes. Our prescriber error rates are well below industry standards. We’re proud of our stellar record of patient safety which has been built on a solid foundation of clinical governance protocols.

What safety accreditations does Euc hold?

We hold various independent accreditations that attest to our robust safety and quality systems. These include the EQUIP-6 standards from the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS), ISO-27001 cyber standards and Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC). Our data security practices are GDPR compliant in the UK and EU.

Does Eucalyptus have a clinical governance framework?

Yes. Eucalyptus’ clinical governance model is based on the framework set out by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare. Our clinical governance framework translates conventional controls and systems into a digital health environment, enabling us to transform the healthcare landscape at a global scale.

You can read more about our clinical governance framework here.

Clinical operations

What treatments are available through Eucalyptus?

Eucalyptus is the parent company of five digital clinics, Juniper, Pilot, Kin, Software and Compound. Each of our digital clinics offers medical treatment from a registered practitioner for conditions such as weight loss, skin care, hair loss, and sexual health.

Is Eucalyptus a pharmacy?

No. We partner with a number of pharmacies to allow for a seamless patient experience.

Which pharmacies do you ship from?

Eucalyptus partners with a growing number of pharmacies that ensure our patients receive their treatment plan and important information on usage and safety.

Who are your practitioners?

All Eucalyptus practitioners are qualified clinicians. They include Fellows of the Royal Australia College of General Practitioners (FRACGP) and members of the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) in the UK. The majority of our practitioners are based in Australia.


What is Euc’s working model?

We offer hybrid work options for all full-time employees. For practitioners, we offer flexible working arrangements, including fully remote positions.

What employee benefits does Euc offer?

Depending on which Euc HQ you’re working out of, employees enjoy various benefits. Some highlights include:

  • Euc-Olympics — an annual and coveted tradition of a company-wide hackathon
  • After School Sport — a monthly group workout session, designed for teams from across the business to come together, connect and get their sweat on.
  • Community breakfast — we regularly come together to share meals and prepare for the week ahead
  • Regular social events — every cycle we host different social events and mixers for Eucalypts to socialise and enjoy themselves
  • Social club events — whatever your passion, we (probably) have a club for it. All clubs receive a budget to go out and enjoy whatever it is they’re into, together.
How do I apply for a job at Euc?

You can find all our open roles, including information on how to apply, here.

Does Eucalyptus offer employee share option plans (ESOPs)?

Yes, Eucalyptus offers equity to all team members. To read more about how ESOPs work at Euc, check out this article.