A new Euc, to meet the changing face of healthcare

As our ambitions grow, it’s time for a new identity – one that truly reflects the future we’re working to create.

Eucalyptus launched almost five years ago. With four digital clinics under our umbrella (and counting) and our global expansions, we thought it was high time for us to refresh things a little. As we near our millionth consult, now’s the time to reflect on just how far we’ve come.

The Euc logo and the new Euc logo
The old Euc and the new Euc

Why now?

Our work has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients, well surpassing what we first set out to do almost five years ago. We started as industry disruptors. We’ve now legitimised ourselves among the big players in a largely static landscape of healthcare.

In short, we’ve been busy. So busy in fact that we haven’t had time to stop. We’re now a global and growing team of over 400 members, working in Australia, the UK, Japan and Germany. As our ambition continues to grow, it’s time for a new and improved identity – one that truly reflects the future we are working to create.

The future of Euc

Our focus as a healthcare provider has evolved. In fact, our ambitions have stepped up tenfold, into the treatment of chronic conditions like metabolic health, obesity and diabetes. It’s this focus on preventative care that is making a lifetime of good health possible for our patients. 

As we grow our global footprint, the Eucalyptus brand needs to inspire those from all around the world to join our mission. This rebrand marks another change in the history of Euc. It coincides with our commitment to building in the open and sharing transparently about the work we are doing for the healthcare industry. This means we’re going to be sharing more on patient safety, clinical research, governance and all that we’re doing to lift the standards of healthcare. The work we are doing is world-class. Historically, we haven’t put enough effort into sharing this. That changes now. It’s our goal to encourage the healthcare industry at large to join us on this journey.

The brand refresh

To match our evolving vision, we’ve elevated the voice and image of Euc to align with the demands of our mission. Thanks to our friends over at Studio Paradise for their support on this project.

This what the face of digital healthcare looks like: 

Euc out-of-home billboard
Euc social branding
Euc business values

New colours

Our previous colour palette had a clear identity that was Eucalyptus. It was undeniable, which made it an exciting challenge to find the right direction for the colours to evolve yet stay true to our origins; to still be quintessentially ourselves whilst making a step forward. The first step was defining a core colour that we can associate with the name, which we lacked previously. Our new Euc green now sits at the centre of our brand. We lacked a strong colour that could represent us across all mediums, and this bold green lets us showcase who we are in the right tone. To strike a balance, our sandstone and metal sits with it as our primary colours.

Adding to those three comes a secondary range of colours that call back to the old Eucalyptus in a familiar way. We’ve been proudly Australian since day one, and so capturing tones of the outback nature that surrounds us and our patients felt crucial. Rounding it all up is a bright yellow used sparingly to give attention to the most important details in what we share.

Euc colour palette

New imagery

We also wanted to bring our patients to the forefront of our brand, primarily on our website. Our creative teams produce a wealth of content, so we already had a vault of images for each of digital clinics to choose from. While it wasn’t a challenge to find the content, ensuring our patients and their stories are celebrated through all that Euc does is our main focus moving forward.

Euc brand imagery
Eucalyptus patients

Follow our journey

We’re so excited for Euc’s future and the impact we’re going to have on patients all over the world. Keen to stay in the loop?

Head to our education hub, The Check-up, to stay in the know with the latest in healthcare tech and thought leadership from our growing, global team.


George Hatzis
Lead Product Designer
Erin Ewen