Talking HealthTech x Eucalyptus – Delivering responsible telehealth for stigmatised conditions

A deep dive into Eucalyptus’ approach to digital healthcare

Peter Birch from Talking HealthTech hosted a roundtable with Eucalyptus’ Clinical Director Dr Matthew Vickers, Head of Clinical Operations, Angus Wood, and Juniper patient Tiffany Young, to hold a comprehensive discussion about the evolution and impact of telehealth. 

The conversation not only highlighted the intrinsic value of digital healthcare for treating stigmatised and underserved conditions but also shed light on Eucalyptus' commitment to providing quality digital healthcare through comprehensive support, ensuring patient safety and data security. Through this, Euc aims to elevate the standards of telehealth at a global level to ensure the safe and effective management of chronic conditions.

You can listen to the full episode of Talking HealthTech here or keep reading for a recap. 

Leveraging digital healthcare for stigmatised conditions

All four of Eucalyptus’ digital clinics have made significant strides in managing stigmatised conditions, including obesity, reproductive health, acne, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Our digital platforms mean we are uniquely equipped to support patients who are either unable to access face-to-face care due to their remote location or feel more comfortable accessing care in a digital setting. As emphasised by Dr Matt, Euc is dedicated to complimenting traditional care by offering high-quality, holistic care with high levels of support.

"Many patients have either had poor experiences or are not comfortable discussing it face to face with GPs, which often leads them to seek alternative solutions for their healthcare needs." - Dr. Matthew Vickers

Quality care and comprehensive support

At Eucalyptus, we go beyond traditional consultations, providing a comprehensive care model that includes one-on-one phone and text communication, and access to accredited dietitians and health coaches. This integrated approach ensures that patients have a full care team supporting their health journey. This system of support is supported by our rigorous clinical auditing function which analyses practitioner behaviour and provides retrospective analysis to improve the delivery and quality of practitioner-patient interactions. 

Patient safety and data security 

Ensuring the safety and security of patient data is paramount for Eucalyptus. Head of Clinical Operations, Angus Wood, addressed the critical aspect of data security, highlighting Eucalyptus’ ISO 27001 certification and its robust approach to data privacy. This commitment to the highest global standards reflects Eucalyptus' dedication to safeguarding patient information. Dr Vickers further emphasised Euc’s intention to open-source its clinical governance framework, actively engaging with industry counterparts to share best practices and promote stringent standards in the telehealth industry.

Shaping the future of healthcare

Not only is Eucalyptus one of the largest players in the telehealth landscape, we are actively shaping the future of healthcare. Dr Matt expressed Eucalyptus’ commitment to participating in discussions to shape digital health standards. This commitment underscores the importance of fostering transparency, research, and collaboration across the industry to elevate the standards of telehealth services globally.

"We are keen to lead the way in shaping the digital health standards, fostering transparency, and demonstrating the highest standards of telehealth services." - Dr Matthew Vickers

In conclusion, this episode of Talking HealthTech featuring Dr Matthew Vickers, Angus Wood, and Tiffany Young provides valuable insights into Eucalyptus' role as a leader in responsible and effective telehealth practices. By supporting patients with stigmatised conditions, providing comprehensive support, and prioritising safety and data security, Eucalyptus sets a precedent for the industry when it comes to high-quality healthcare. As the telehealth landscape continues to evolve, Eucalyptus remains at the forefront, emphasising the significance of patient-centred, safe, and high-quality care in the digital health space.


Dr Matt Vickers
Clinical Director
Angus Wood
Head of Risk & Safety