We’re live! — Announcing the launch of Eucalyptus Japan

Marking the next phase of growth for Eucalyptus, we’re excited to announce the launch of Eucalyptus Japan, with Juniper becoming our first official Japanese clinic.

Having facilitated over 800,000 consults for nearly 600,000 patients, we’re now one of the largest telehealth platforms in the world, with a proven track record of supporting patients to manage largely chronic and stigmatised conditions, including obesity. 

Since 2020, Juniper has helped over 100,000 patients (in Australia alone) achieve weight loss results, and lead happier, healthier lives. To continue supporting patients on a global scale, we’re thrilled to announce that Juniper has now officially expanded to Japan. 

We’re empowering patients to improve their long-term health 

We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of Juniper in Japan. 

At Euc, we go far beyond facilitating digital consults. The interactions with our multidisciplinary care team that follow the initial consult go on to improve the long-term health of our patients, with the power to transform the quality of life for entire families. 

The team at Eucalyptus is looking forward to empowering the Japanese population with access to life-changing care, with a long-term goal of treating and preventing type-2 diabetes for generations to come. 

Journey to Japan

Following our successful launches of Juniper in the UK in April 2022 and in Germany in March 2023, we set our sights on Japan, one of the world’s largest healthcare markets. The expanding telehealth market in Japan, which is projected to reach $14.9 billion by 2030, presents a unique opportunity for growth in this sector. Japan was an attractive market because its well-developed healthcare system meant Eucalyptus didn’t need to make major adjustments to its business model.

While the Japanese market is familiar with some models of telehealth, our holistic approach to digital healthcare is something Japan hasn’t seen yet. With Juniper empowering patients to take their health into their own hands, we’re excited to help new patients make better choices every day that lead to lifelong habits that they can sustain. 

Around 20% of Japan’s population has a BMI of 25 and above, which is considered obese in the country. This has contributed to Japan having one of the world’s highest rates of diabetes. Diabetes can increase the risk of secondary ailments such as cardiovascular disease. 

Pre-launch, we worked with local advisers and cold-called clinics and pharmacies to discuss potential partnerships. We are now working in conjunction with a Japanese clinic to provide consultations and treatments. Juniper dietitians and nutritionists will also work with patients to make healthy and holistic lifestyle changes.

This launch was truly a company-wide effort, with engineers, growth, product, legal and clinical services all coming together to make it happen. Thank you to all our hardworking team members making our dream of changing the face of global healthcare a reality.

The launch of Eucalyptus Japan isn’t just about expanding our reach but addressing the critical needs of a country grappling with rising rates of obesity and diabetes. Our mission with Juniper is to deliver quality care tailored to these specific health challenges, unlocking better health outcomes for millions in Japan.   

More expansion plans

Our work isn’t done just yet. We’re keen to expand to new markets. Just as we have done in Australia, the UK and Germany, Japan will become our latest market as we tackle the global obesity epidemic, delivering our services with a proven track record of care continuity and impressive patient outcomes. 

Our co-founder Charlie Gearside, who has been working closely with the team throughout our Japanese launching process, said “We started Eucalyptus to help break down barriers that stopped men from accessing healthcare,” says Gearside. “It’s grown into something much more ambitious than we originally planned and we’re looking forward to taking it to the world.” 


Yuya Tsuji
Growth Lead (Juniper Japan)
Hayley Baker
International Expansion Lead