Juniper mobile app wins gold at the Australian Good Design Awards

How we built our very first mobile app to deliver personalised, patient-first care

The Juniper mobile app received a coveted Good Design Award Gold Winner Accolade in the Digital Design category at the 65th annual Good Design Awards.

The prestigious Good Design Awards are the highest honour for design and innovation in the country and reward the best in class in diverse projects across design, architecture, engineering, research, fashion and social impact. 

The Juniper mobile app gives women struggling with weight a medical pathway to lasting weight loss. Receiving quality and consistent weight care is, concerningly, not the norm experienced by Australian women. We designed this app to deliver high-touch weight care to our patients, providing them with access to expert support in their pocket.

This makes important medical information more accessible to our patients and elevates the voices of qualified healthcare professionals in their weight loss journeys. This digital experience takes a proactive approach to facilitating care and helps us scale support to our patient base. 

We’re intensely proud of our team for crafting a thoughtful and beautiful experience, demonstrating a level of design that is truly exceptional. This was a cross-functional effort between people in Engineering, Product, Content, Health Coaching and Services, each one of these teams working to design the best patient experience possible. 

The Good Design Awards Jury commented: “The Juniper Mobile App demonstrates how fresh and adventurous choices in colour and typography can make a digital design project stand out in all the right ways. From the seamless organisation of content elements to exciting interactivity, this app significantly improves on existing weight loss services.”

About the Juniper mobile app

The challenge: Women often receive out-of-touch, low-quality health advice when it comes to weight management. We’ve heard it all before – simply “eat less, move more.” Historically, people living with obesity have experienced a fragmented weight loss journey, split between GP visits, diet programs and countless fitness apps. Moreover, consistent, quality weight management is often unreachable in regional or remote areas of Australia. Conceringly, regional areas have higher rates of obesity than major cities. (70% vs 65%) [1]

The solution: The Juniper app gives patients access to a new level of comprehensive healthcare, where they can track progress, learn from content and access support, all from the comfort of their own home. 

The impact: Juniper challenges the traditional weight loss space and leverages technology to provide higher-touch, higher-quality weight loss services. Juniper has supported over 100,000 Australian women, with 90% of patients experiencing positive weight loss outcomes. 

Key features

Learn – A video library populated with 120+ pieces of unique content, made by team Juniper. These videos cover topics from medication management to healthy eating, featuring Juniper doctors, nurses, dietitians and Juniper patients. 

Progress tracking – Manual and Bluetooth-enabled weight tracking and waist tracking that populate an easy-to-interpret graph. Tracking allows Juniper patients to stay motivated and accountable, while Juniper’s clinical team is also able to oversee patient progress and provide personalised support. 

Bluetooth scale integration – Patients are given a Juniper Digital Scale when they receive their first delivery of medication. The app provides a step-by-step guide to set up and pair the scale.

Access to personalised support – Fortnightly questionnaires are sent to patients, checking in on their experience. Based on their responses, a patient may receive proactive support from a nurse or health coach.

Since our submission

Following our submission to Good Design Australia in April 2023, our teams have continued to improve the patient experience on the Juniper mobile app. We have since launched new features including in-app chat, recipes and milestones, which have proven immensely popular with our patient base. 

In-app chat allows patients to communicate directly with their Health Coach in the app, at their convenience. Our content library now holds 40+ recipes that align with our patients weight loss goals. The milestones feature allows patients to break down their weight loss goals into smaller, more actionable steps so they can maintain motivation and celebrate each little win throughout their journey. 

It’s our mission to deliver higher touch, higher quality healthcare. By making medical information more accessible, elevating the voices of health professionals, and facilitating personalised care, the Juniper app is setting a new standard for healthcare apps when it comes to continuity of care in the future.

1. Xu, J., Hardy, L., Gu, C. & Garnett, S. (2018). The trends and prevalence of obesity and morbid obesity among Australian school-aged children 1985-2014. Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health; 54(8):907-912.


George Hatzis
Lead Product Designer
Jewel Horton
Content Designer (UX)
Erin Ewen