Revolutionising personalised patient care: Eucalyptus’ health coaching trends engine

Learn how we’re providing bespoke support, at scale, empowering health practitioners with technology to improve both patient outcomes and experience
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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital healthcare, technology is playing a pivotal role in transforming the way practitioners deliver care and how patients experience it. At Eucalyptus, we’re committed to empowering health practitioners with industry-leading technology, helping them improve the quality and scale of their patient interactions. Our Health Coaching Trends Engine not only streamlines this coaching process but also enhances the quality of patient care on a scalable level. This means we can have deeper, more valuable interactions, with more patients.

What’s the Health Coaching Trends Engine? 

At the heart of our coaching engine lies a comprehensive system of trends and observations, designed to give practitioners the valuable insights that they need into their patients’ progress. By better understanding these trends, coaches are able to proactively address key indicators that might signal a certain challenge in a patient’s health journey. 

Our Health Coaching Trends Engine flags various trends and behaviours, however, five of the key trends we watch are: 

  1. Weight gain — if a patient tracks two consecutive weight gains, it triggers an alert for the health coach.

  2. Slow progress — if a patient is consistently reporting slow progress, it raises a flag for their coach.

  3. Not tracking — lack of self-monitoring, specifically in weight tracking, for three consecutive weeks prompts an intervention.

  4. Not engaging — if there has been no interaction with a health coach for the past four weeks, it’s marked as a trend to address.

  5. Patient satisfaction score — if a patient’s check-in data shows low satisfaction with their progress, it’s flagged with their coach. A low satisfaction score, coupled with the other trends intensifies the priority. 

Triaging patient care 

To ensure efficient and targeted outreach, each trend is assigned a priority level — ranging from very low to very high — based on a cumulative score. For instance, a patient expressing dissatisfaction, combined with trends like not tracking and lack of engagement, can elevate the priority score even higher, signalling that it’s a very high priority for the health coach to engage with that patient.  

Day-to-day, coaches access a dedicated trends inbox that highlights these priority trends. This triaged outreach allows them to focus on patients who require immediate attention, creating a responsive and hyper-personalised care system. 

The health coaching dashboard

In practice, coaches are presented with a dashboard that consolidates all relevant patient information. This includes a breakdown of key trends and observations, patient progress from the date they were onboarded, their relevant medical history and all of their communication with their coach. This dashboard provides an opportunity for proactive outreach, turning potential challenges into actionable talking points during all coaching communication.

Personalised outreach, at scale

What sets Eucalyptus apart is our ability to personalise outreach on a large scale. Coaches can review a patient’s chat history, weight trends, and overall progress to tailor their approach easily via the dashboard. This ensures that interventions are meaningful and address specific patient needs. For instance, if a patient is content with their progress, the coach is easily able to acknowledge this and focus on other aspects of the patient’s health journey where they might need more support. 

Leveraging real-time data for effective coaching 

Our trends and observations tool goes beyond conventional approaches by incorporating real-time data from patients. Weight and waist tracking, self-assessments and other key data points have been integrated into one dashboard, providing a holistic view of a patient’s status. This real-time approach enables practitioners to offer timely and relevant suggestions, creating a dynamic coaching experience to rival that of face-to-face, traditional care. 

What’s to come? 

We’re committed to continually improving our services and raising the bar for digital health coaching on a global scale. While the digital health and wellness space moves at a rapid pace, we are looking into the potential of incorporating a variety of technologies into our offerings to further improve the patient experience and outcomes. We’re actively looking into the use of the latest diagnostic tools and wearables to boost the quality of the patient data we have to guide personalised treatments. 

In conclusion, Eucalyptus' Health Coaching Trends Engine represents a groundbreaking step towards personalised, technology-driven healthcare. By empowering coaches with actionable insights and facilitating targeted outreach, we’re revolutionising patient care and improving outcomes on a scale yet to be achieved in traditional health and wellness settings. As we continue to innovate and integrate new data sources, the future promises even more sophisticated and effective health coaching strategies, ensuring a healthier future for more patients. 


Leif Lagesen
Health Coach Lead